On Wednesday 13 September 2006 11:02, Florent Xicluna wrote:
> Currently, I work with 3.3 branch for my company. I checked out the trunk
> too, in order to collaborate to Zope development.
> So I have both '/trunk' and '/branches/3.3/' on my computer. When I prepare
> a fix I do it on the 3.3 branch, I make unit/functional tests. Then I do
> manual tests on my sandbox, and I commit to the branch.
> Later I merge to the trunk, do unit/functional tests again and commit to
> the trunk.
> This is acceptable workload for me.

I work this way too. We develop against the trunk. And I always make a 
writable checkout. When I fix a bug, I will always do this on the trunk 
first, because I need to make sure that my customer code really works after 
the fix. It is not sensible for me to fix other branches first.

I could live with the policy of also supporting two release branches, but I 
would prefer only having to worry about one. BTW, a pain-easing script for 
merging would come a long way, in my opinion.

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