Christian Theune wrote:

Mea culpa.

Until recently I didn't know that the could even be copied
over to zope.conf, because every checkout that I ever used always picked
up the zope.conf and nothing ever told me to copy it. (Although I was
slightly annoyed having to edit

I'll check whether anyone reverted the changes yet, otherwise, I'll
clean that up.

I'm 97.65% sure they haven't been reverted yet.

(Luckily this only affects the checkouts, not the releases.)

On the other hand, I'd like to know whether I'm the only one who
stumbled over this, or if other people didn't know about copying before (Some people assume it's trivially obvious that if
it's named then you know you have to copy it.)

*If* someone else had that problem too, I'd propose to change away from
the fallback of using (we force people to create the
principals too, don't we?)

Right. I wouldn't mind that. +0 from me.

At gocept we historically had similar features in projects, but we never
fell back to using the '.in' version of a file but forced developers to
copy it. I can't remember any case where this ended up in accidential

Sorry again,
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