Chris Withers wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
I think that after eggifying Zope 3 in 3.4 and introducing some features in Zope 2.11 that makes us not depend on Zope2isms like Acquisition (while they'd still be available for those who want to use them), we should invest into the Zope 5 vision: explode Zope 3 and make Zope 2 the app server for both worlds, perhaps called "Zope 5", perhaps not.

Honestly, I think this is leaving it too late.

I'd happilly see the two code bases shipped as one release, then at least we wouldn't have the (idiotic to try and explain to someone non-zope) "which version of Zope 3 is shipping with this version of Zope 2"...

Listen, we were over this. I wrote whole proposal about this months ago already [1] and it was disputed heavily. It's clear that the community doesn't want to go this way. I can tell you we'll have a hard time with the Zope 5 vision already (which I think is the most sensible one at this point).

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