Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Christian Theune wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>>> I want to make most of the browser:* directives saner in implementation,
>>> without actually changing their behaviour, though. Unless people want to
>>> make their behaviour saner, too ;).
>> I wouldn't mind making myself behave saner. :)
>> As we're at it: I forgot to mention that the Blob project is still alive
>> and got some rejuvenation in the last days by making the unit tests
>> almost run on windows. (One problem with packing). So upgrading the ZODB
>> would be another step.
>> Something that I imagine could happen alongside the eggification is to
>> do a kind of "spring cleaning" and check for the modules that won't be
>> core-modules in the future - and decide how people will be able to still
>> use them.
> Yup.
> There are some things in zope.app (e.g. workflow, externaleditor,
> zopetop, module, schemacontent) that aren't shipped with a Zope 3
> install and don't seem to be maintained anymore. I suggest that if
> no-one steps up for them they will simply be deleted.
> There are also some things in zope.app that may be maintained but never
> shipped. These things don't really belong in zope.app, IMO (boston,
> homefolder, styleguide, css) and should probably be moved out.
> Discussions with their individual authors/maintainers will be necessary.

I agree on that. I'll put that on the prospective feature list so we
don't forget about it.


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