Hi Marius,

On Monday 09 October 2006 20:13, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> Log message for revision 70591:
>   Fix the level 2 test failure in
> zope.app.twisted.tests.test_inputbuffering.
I have looked into this a long time but since at the time the problem only 
appeared in a Python patch so I dropped the issue.

I then looked into this 1 / 2 weeks ago and then I remembered how painful 
this was.

The issue, or part of the issue, is that the WSGI specification says that:

  The optional "size" argument to readline() is not supported, as it may be 
complex for server authors to implement, and is not often used in practice.

I have managed to patch cgi.FieldStorage up with a work around which I sent to 
the web-sig mailing list and which I have finally got around to creating a 
new bug report for python after seeing your checkin - see 

The sole response on web-sig mailing list was to change the WSGI 
specification. But I wonder how many other WSGI applications are effected by 
this. If it just Zope and Twisted then changing the specification should be 
ok, otherwise things could get very messy for WSGI.


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