On Thursday 09 November 2006 02:12, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> I'm working on enhancing zope.app.apidoc, but I ran into an exception
> that's hard to decipher.  I've attached the traceback.  I don't know
> which __init__() it's complaining about, and I don't know how to find
> out.  What can I do to find out which __init__() the adapter hook is
> trying to call?

So, this hook looks up an adapter. This is clearly (out of experience ;-) a 
case where the adapter factory (usually the adapter class) cannot be 
initialized. Basically you developed the adapter for two contexts (such as 
views), but the adapter was registered for a single context (thus 2 arguments 
given). The tricky part is now to determine the adapter class. :-) This can 
be done by using the global adapter registry API directly.

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