Hello Christian,

Yep, I also vote for indexing None.
Seems like somebody wanted to avoid the `None object is not callable`

Friday, November 17, 2006, 1:22:42 PM, you wrote:

> Hi,

> Adam Groszer wrote:
>> Hello Christian,
>> Yep, but...
>> What is the `good` behaviour regarding None values?
>> Do we need to catalog them or skip them?
>> Example:
>> If the object is (user.title == None)
>> Shall it be kept in the catalog or not?
>> In case it is not in the catalog I won't be able to search for users
>> with no title. Suggestions?
>> At the moment the AttributeIndex works like this.

> Ah, I didn't see that question in your original mail, so you said:

>   I found that z.a.catalog, AttributeIndex fails to remove the previous
>   value/object from the index IF the new value is None.

> From this I derived that removing the value would be the right thing to
> do. I didn't see the question about whether to index None or not.

> IIRC the FieldIndex in Zope 2 uses None as a valid value to index and to
> search for.

> If I read the source and tests correctly, it's just an implementation
> accident, because someone used None as a getattr() marker instead of
> using a unique marker like object().

> At least there is no test and no interface description that says that
> None should not be indexed.

> Christian

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