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Adam Groszer wrote:
Hello Christian,

Yep, but...
What is the `good` behaviour regarding None values?
Do we need to catalog them or skip them?

If the object is (user.title == None)
Shall it be kept in the catalog or not?
In case it is not in the catalog I won't be able to search for users
with no title. Suggestions?
At the moment the AttributeIndex works like this.

Ah, I didn't see that question in your original mail, so you said:

I found that z.a.catalog, AttributeIndex fails to remove the previous
  value/object from the index IF the new value is None.

From this I derived that removing the value would be the right thing to
do. I didn't see the question about whether to index None or not.

IIRC the FieldIndex in Zope 2 uses None as a valid value to index and to
search for.

If I read the source and tests correctly, it's just an implementation
accident, because someone used None as a getattr() marker instead of
using a unique marker like object().

At least there is no test and no interface description that says that
None should not be indexed.

First, None is classically Python's no value.

Second, as a practical matter, indexes use BTrees to index their values, and need both a docid -> value structure *and* a value -> docid structure. BTrees must have homogenous key types to work reliably across Python versions. None has sorted low for a long time, I think, so it is easy to forget this, but from both a purity and (arguably) a practicality perspective it is a bad idea to rely on this. None is not a string, None is not an integer, etc. Keep your BTree keys homogenous.

Therefore, it is just fine, and even a good idea from the perspective of welcoming new Python programmers to the fold, to have None be used as the "no value", "unindex me" value.

If you want to be able to ask the question you describe, I suggest you explore zc.catalog. If you use an extent catalog, you can still ask the question that Adam poses of the index--see the 'none' query type.

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