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Hi All,

I remember Shane asking this a while ago and seem to remember the answer was "no", but I'm hoping that's changed.

Is it possible to have a Zope 3 instance that has no zodb backing at all?

Yes, of course.

I've been mocking up an app, currently in Zope 2, and have ended up using PostGresSQL as the data store (haven't done an rdb app in ages, foreign key constraints are nice, etc) and it occurred to me that with sqlalchemy, zsqlalchemy and some views that I don't actually need a zodb.

Is this possible?

Yes.  You have to configure an alternate publication object.  Launchpad
does this.  The publication object plugs in to the publisher and, among
other things, controls object traversal.  The default publisher uses a
database object as a starting point for traversal. An alternate publisher
could use something else, including allowing multiple "root" objects.


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