Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>         class TemplateView(grok.View):
>>             template = unassociated
>>             module_info = module_info_

> I'm not sure. Debugging becomes a nightmare with generated classes, 
> which is how I ran into these problems in the first place.
> Can you explain what the what the above code snippet actually does?

It generates a view for a template file that doesn't have its own view.

>> I've done it too recently in the form support. The *real* formlib-level
>> form class is dynamically created for each grok-level form:
>>     class RealEditForm(form.EditForm):
>>         form_fields = get_form_fields(factory, context)
>>         actions = actions_
>> This one is a bit more scary, as the end-user interacts with an
>> *instance* of this class; the form attribute on grok-level forms is one.
> There must be a nicer way :-S

Possibly. It's not that bad right now. The difficulty is that I do
need to generate a class, not an instance, as I can only initialize the
instance when the view is initialized because the context and request
are needed.

I could probably do some scary hacking to make it an instance after all,
but that will make the code far less easy to understand.



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