Chris Withers wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
If you want to specify the name of a template in ZCML, then you'll
have to invoke some magic.

Why can't IView (or whatever it is) just specify that the constructor must accept a request, response and a template instance?

Because the template may not be passed in, and even if it is, where would it be constructed and how would it be found again?

If you have this:

class MyView(object):

  def __init__(self, context, request, template):
      self.template = template # IView specifices template = a template

then you may as well not have a 'template' attribute for <browser:page /> at all since you have to do so much work; you could just do this (which you can do now, in fact)

class MyView(object):

  template = ViewPageTemplateFile('')

  def __init__(self, context, request):
      self.context = context
      self.request = request

If you have it done in ZCML, though, you can get a template-only view without any Python at all, though:



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