Philipp von Weitershausen a écrit :
> Olivier Grisel wrote:
>> I was wondering where are the eggs for the version 3.3.0 of the main
>> components
>> of Zope3. I am mainly interested in the following components:
>> - zope.interface
>> - zope.component
>> - zope.testing
>> and their dependencies.
>> I used to find them either on or
>> on the
>> cheeseshop but this time it seems like nobody did the release.
> Right. The overall Zope 3.3 release happened, but nobody did the actual
> eggs. Perhaps you'd like to do them? It should just be a matter of
> setting the external to the right tag and executing build_egg.

Ok but I do not have the checkin privileges to add the missing tags on
individual packages.

> I'm sure Jim would also give you upload privileges to

What place is best? or ? I think at
least zope.interface and zope.component and their dependencies deserve a
cheeseshop publication as they can be useful dependencies to non-zope projects.


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