I'm spending some time on making zc.recipe.zope3instance run properly on Windows. There're at least two issues to sort out:

1) Usually(?) Zope-3 is installed using the *.msi installer on Windows. The recipe should look in the "Scripts" sub directory of the parent directory of the Python executable for the mkzopeinstance.bat command.

2) The 'runzope', 'debugzope' and 'scriptzope' scripts have some extra (Python) path information patched in. However, '\' characters in these paths need to be escaped properly.

Is anyone else using this recipe for deploying Zope-3 applications on Windows? Or maybe people are using an alternative recipe for this purpose?

Are there any other known issues with running this recipe on Windows?

Should fixes for these issues go into the current recipe, of would it be better to introduce a Windows specific recipe?

kind regards,

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman
software ontwikkelaar, Instituut voor Nederlands Geschiedenis
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