2007/1/7, KLEIN Stéphane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I wonder whether we can add README file at subversion root directory
to explain how differentiate zope 2 from Zope 3 project ?

I suggest this content :

Frequently Asked Question :

Q : What directory are Zope 2 and Zope 3 projects ?
A : There aren't simple rules. First, every directory that begins with
"Products." is a Zope 2 project. Every directory  that begins with
"z3c" or "zc" is a Zope 3 project. For every other directory, you have
to look at its files. If there are files with zcml extension then it's
a Zope 3 project. Otherwise read the README file to see if it's a Zope
2 or a Zope 3 project

You are ok ?

Nobody can do that ? You are disagree ?
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