Jürgen Kartnaller just merged a branch of the z3c.zalchemy package.

z3c.zalchemy integrates the object-relational mapper SQLAlchemy into
Zope 3 similarly to how SQLOS integrates SQLObject. z3c.zalchemy tries
not to interfere with standard SQLAlchemy usage patterns.  The main part
of zalchemy is the integration of the SQLAlchemy transaction into the
Zope transaction.

Jürgen revised the API a bit in response to my experiences in creating
several demos. The metadata for the table definition now allows an
explicit engine name as a parameter. The use of the metadata object has
been changed:

        Old: z3c.zalchemy.metadata
        New: z3c.zalchemy.metadata()
If you want to assign the table to a named engine provide the name as a
parameter to metadata() like this: metadata('EngineName').

This change allows tables with the same name and different structures to
be used in different databases.

The trunk should now be stable. It incorporates the API change, a few
new tests, and updated demos.

You can find it here:


I would very much like to get some more eyes on the demo code. Here is a
description of the four demos:

        Demo 1: Subclasses the included SQLAlchemyContainer to create a
        container that is preconfigured to hold only one class
        Demo 2: Creates a container from scratch that is specialized to
        only hold one class (HelloWorldMessage2).
        Demo 3: Demonstrates a rudimentary adapter for storing Dublin
        Core metadata in the RDBMS for HelloWorldMessage3 objects.
        HelloWorldMessage3 objects have editable title and description
        fields incorporated into the add and edit forms. The metadata is
        stored in a second table.
        Demo 4: Extends demo_3 to demonstrate a contained
        HelloWorldMessage4 class that is in itself a container for
        HelloWorldFragment classes.
I would *especially* appreciate a review of the Dublin Core adapter
implementation in demo_3 and demo_4, but any suggestions for improvement
would be welcome.

- Michael R. Bernstein

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