is there any interest from the zope/z3c developers in unifying zope.mimetype
and z3c.filetype?

while the implementation of the packages is very different, the "goals" of
both of them seem to be the same: to identify the contents of file-like
objects and mark them with an appropiate interface.

I don't know if there is some licesing or some other kind of "political"
issues ( "zope vs z3c" ), but IMVHO it would be great if the two packages
were merged. I'm not really a zope developer yet, but if the maintainers of
those packs are interested, I could try to help with that.

If a complete merge is not possible, then I think that at least the two
groups should agree on a common interface so that users can decide which
package they want to use:

for example:
 z3c.filetype works on objects implementing


 zope.mimetype works on objects implementing

It would be really good if both implementations (in case they are not
merged) would work on some "zope.IFileContents" (example) interface and
people could choose either one of the packages.



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