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Luis De la Parra wrote:
I don't know if there is some licesing or some other kind of "political" issues ( "zope vs z3c" ), but IMVHO it would be great if the two packages were merged. I'm not really a zope developer yet, but if the maintainers of
those packs are interested, I could try to help with that.

Interest is abundant; time and motivation are lacking.

hm, the same problem here
currently our company has no time to do this merge, but if you have time, i'll be available if you have questions

i am the maintainer of the z3c.filetype package, which is in production use for our projects together with z3c.extfile

the main motivation for z3c.filetype was to extract the content type from large binary files without using the file extension information, we use this for media formats, afaik zope.mimetype goes further when it comes to textual content and encodings, but you are right they share a lot.

regards, Bernd

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