On Feb 21, 2007, at 8:10 PM, Roger Ineichen wrote:

Hi alga

Is this mine or is there something wrong with
zc.catalog.index, BTreeAPI or?

self._add_value(doc_id, value)
File "D:\reflineRecruiter\app\trunk\src\zc\catalog\index.py",
line 115, in _add_value values_to_documents[added] =
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'TreeSet'

Any hints?

Hi Roger.

zc.catalog 1.1 is stable, 1.2 is dev.

The trunk of zc.catalog, and the upcoming 1.2 release line, works with the ZODB trunk (ZODB 3.8, Zope 3.4), which is gaining some tools to manage the two new families there, the 64 bit ints (L) and the 32 bit ints (I).

The 1.1 release line should work with both ZODB 3.7/Zope 3.3 and ZODB 3.8/Zope 3.4. It sounds like that's what you want.

Currently pypi only has the stable 1.1 branch (http://www.python.org/ pypi/zc.catalog). There's also a 1.1 tag in svn. I'll make a 1.1 branch from that tag if there are any bug fixes that need to go there (or you are welcome to if that helps your development or release management).



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