Hi Gary

> Subject: Re: [Zope3-dev] Re: Bug in zc.catalog.index

> I just made a 1.1 branch (svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/main/
> zc.catalog/branches/1.1).
> For now, I suggest you move to that branch (or to the tag or 
> PyPI release!).  Meanwhile, we'll make a new version of 1.1 
> that does contain sniffing code and also contains a 
> generation script.  We'll release 1.1.1 and 1.2.0a-rev(some 
> revision number...).
> The migration path will be as follows:
> move to 1.1.1 (or svn up/switch to 1.1 branch) run migration 
> script move to 1.2/trunk
> I don't have an ETA for you, but we will try to have it in 
> the next day or two.

Thanks Gary,
that's fine for me.

Roger Ineichen

> Gary

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