Benji York schrieb:
Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
Why is the testrunner running with the --profile option  ?
I did not set it. I understand that profiling should be disabled if hotshot cannot be imported.

Running (from a svn checkout)
python -s zope.anypackage

Works for me.

ImportError: No module named profile
please install the python2.4-profiler package

zope.testing never imports profile. It uses hotshot, but that import is protected by a try/except because some distributions don't include hotshot.

Perhaps we could help more if you included the full traceback of the above exception.

It is like Marius Gedminas said earlier in his response: just install python2.4-profiler package and it works.

The problem (again) was using '' with the system python; hotshot was installed but the profiler module missing.

hotshot.stats throws the ImportException and then exits; there is no traceback available. I think, the only way to catch this case is trying to import profile in testrunner itself before importing hotshot.stats.

Thanks anyway


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