Am Mittwoch, den 07.03.2007, 21:37 +0100 schrieb Dieter Maurer:
> Christian Theune wrote at 2007-3-7 21:17 +0100:
> > ...
> >Nope. It won't disappear if you link it again. And the link(src, dst)
> >does move it to a 'save' location ;)
> You do not tell us, which "link" you mean.

Sorry. I mean os.link(). Again, check the ZODB list for the actual

> Python's "os.link" creates a hard link which will only work
> if source and destination are on the same file system.

Thats a known restriction. You can only do any O(1) operation to moving
data of a file within a single file system.

> It is not uncommon that temporary files are on their own
> filesystem.

In the situation that you want to handle blobs this will not be
possible. This is a restriction that I'm willing to deal with.

Having a temporary file system that handles blobs in addition to a large
filesystem that handles blobs might be required in certain situations,
however, than the O(1) operation won't work and we do have a fallback
implementation already anyway.


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