Christian Theune wrote:

[modified slightly from a similar proposal to zope3-dev to match Zope
2's publisher]

I'm writing up a proposal for the ZODB to make even more efficient Blob
handling possible.

This includes not copying the data from an uploaded file, but using a
`link` operation when possible.

I think this is a great idea.

Am I the only person here who immediately associated "link" with the POSIX? Also, am I the only one who read "when possible" as "when on a POSIX system where link is available", in other words, "when not on Windows"? One starts to wonder...

However, the HTTPRequest class currently uses the default implementation
of the cgi module's FieldStorage.

I propose to create a small subclass to override the `make_file` method
to use `NamedTemporaryFile` instead of `TemporaryFile` to allow the file
being accessible from a filename so I can apply a `link` operation.


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