Baiju M wrote:
  There are few deprecated packages in namespace, should we
create individual eggs for those packages ?


What about creating a single egg with all deprecated packges ?

+1 :)

If so, what should be the name of that all-deprecated-in-one package name ?

We don't need to decide a *package name* (the package names are clear), we need to decide a name for the *egg*. Often the name of the egg and the name of the package are the same, but when an egg contains several packages, it doesn't have to be.

Here is some names:

-1 if that's the only thing the '' egg would contain.

-1 to all. Every one of those names suggest that they contain a package with that name, which they don't.

How about ZopeAppBBB35 ?

By the way, I've seen that you guys are creating eggs of some stuff that's really meant for spring cleaning (e.g., off of the top of my head). Instead of linking the external to the Zope 3 tree, how about actually *moving* this stuff *out* of the Zope 3 tree into their egg? Note that this stuff has never been part of a Zope 3 release anyway.

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