Jim Fulton wrote:
On Mar 29, 2007, at 6:30 AM, Baiju M wrote:


  There are few deprecated packages in zope.app namespace, should we
create individual eggs for those packages ?


What about creating a single egg with all deprecated packges ?

-1. We should be able to create the deprecated eggs once and forget about them.

One possible benefit of having all deprecated things grouped somehow (perhaps not necessarily in one egg, what about having a BBB "virtual egg" that has dependencies on all the deprecated things?) is that it makes it easier for developers to test the effects of deprecation on their code.

For example, the standard Zope 3 distribution could come with this egg not installed or not activated. If your code breaks on upgrade, you try to install/activate the deprecated egg, in which case you know you'll need to do something about your code, soonishly.

Alternatively, it comes installed but you try to remove it to see if your package will survive the next version upgrade.

We do similar things with skins in Plone, having a skin layer called plone_deprecated.


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