On Wednesday 04 April 2007 05:52, Adam Groszer wrote:
> We're having here a problem with our app that uses z3c.baseregistry.
> The app used to live at something like http://localhost:8080/ap_test/...
> That's an ISite. Somebody managed to rename ap_test to ap_test2 (but
> anything works) and the app lost it's declarations that use the
> registerIn directive. The rename was done through the ZMI.
> By debugging it seems like the local sitemanager lost it's magic.
> That means it's no more subclassed from z3c.baseregistry.BaseComponents.
> I intend to dig deeper, but right now I'm a bit puzzled where to dig.

Wow, this seems extremely odd. I have never tried renaming sites, so I have no 
idea of what happens. My first suggestion would be to check the bases whether  
they are still there and then try to remove and re-add the base registry.

Whatever the problem, I am pretty sure it is not a base registry problem, but 
a local site manager one. It'll probably turn out that we will need a special 
Mover/Copier for sites.

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