Am Samstag, den 14.04.2007, 08:06 -0400 schrieb Benji York:
> Christian Theune wrote:
> > I noticed that the buildbots have not run a successfull Zope 3 trunk
> > build since March 25. :(
> The only builder that is configured to run the trunk and is currently 
> on-line is zc-buildbot, and it would appear to be running the tests with 
> every trunk check-in.
> OTOH, the 3.2, and 3.3 branches are broken and have been for quite some 
> time.
> Sidebar: when trying to kick off a run for those two branches those two 
> builders started exhibiting assertion errors, I'm looking into why that is.


> > Most of the clients are broken.
> The single Windows slave that is "purple" is a result of bugs in 
> twisted/buildbot.  Hopefully newer versions don't have these problems. 
> (We currently run 0.6.6, 0.7.5 is the latest).  I don't have time to 
> fight with upgrading at the moment.

Ok, good to know.

> Two others are off-line, see the nagging section below. ;)
> > The one at ZC is good but hasn't been
> > run for quite a while. 
> zc-buildout appears to run the trunk tests with every check-in.  Is that 
> the one you are referring to?  The 3.2 and 3.3 tests failed the last 
> time they were manually run.  I don't think any changes have been made 
> to those branches since, therefore not further runs have been triggered.
> > Some of the rules that detect changes in the
> > branches seem unreliable. 
> Can you give an example?

I'm *pretty* sure that there were checkins on the trunk after March 25.
Those have never been run by zc-buildout. Did I miss anything?

> > I propose to start make the clients do nightly builds. 
> That's fine with me.  I can get that configured pretty easily.

Yay! Double please from me. :)

> > Also, do we have
> > someone who is the official 'client nagging guy' to remind people when
> > their buildbot clients die?
> I'll be glad to nag anyone, but don't consider it a privilege available 
> to only a few.  The slave names are pretty clear (a couple could be 
> clearer), so anyone can get a good nag in once and a while.


Sidebar from me: Obviously this is because of the instability that
buildout does. It's not about annoying people about their


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