On 16 Apr 2007, at 19:09 , Gary Poster wrote:
I suppose there are four choices: (a) special case strings to make sure they are chunked the right way; (b) expect that the adapter result will be chunked the right way, so that someone returning a string will get bad performance and no error message; (c) puke if someone returns a string; or (d) log it to a file, but then do (a).

I really don't like (b). A string is in fact iterable, so puking, as with (c), seems unpleasant. I'm ok with (d) but it seems excessively "naggy". Strings are *the* common case, so I prefer (a).

I'm more concretely +1 on (a) now that I've spelled out these options. Since no one has given a true -1 on it, I will proceed with that, unless we get further discussion.

Ok, as long as the WSGI-ish behaviour also works (that way it's easy to explain Nonzopistas).

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