Gary Poster wrote:
The work that Jim Washington and David Pratt have started recently to make lxml an XHTML generator/ZPT replacement [#1]_ has really excited me. It would be *great* with in-Zope pipelines [#2]_.

A general +1(0000) for this whole effort!

I have been having some thoughts recently about template-language neutral pipeline architecture for Zope 3.

The basic idea would be to do something like XSLT rules or Genshi's match templates, and spell them out as Zope 3 views. These MatchViews would actually be views on a bit of a HTML page. The views are associated using XPath expressions, not through interface lookup. The MatchViews would be in a skin, and the skin has postprocessing logic which determines what to apply.

This infrastructure would be very nice to have to start building this on top of.



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