b1 didn't land over the weekend as you noticed. We're running late
again, but we're moving.

Almost all of the packages in the zope namespace have been moved out of
the Zope3 tree by now.

There are four remaining:


A couple of packages are still living in the src/ area, I've gotta
review them ASAP.

If anybody wants to take on one of the ones named above, feel free to
use Jim's template for zope.app packages which lives
in /Sandbox/J1m/zope.app-template.

The minimal thing you have to do is:

- `svn cp` the template to zope.app.<package>
- move the code from the Zope 3 trunk to the src/zope/app of the new
project area
- update setup.py and buildout.cfg to reflect the package name
- run the buildout
- run bin/test
- keep updating setup.py until the dependencies match (i personally do a
`grep "import" * -niIr` in the src directory to find the imports and
split them up by test dependencies and regular dependencies


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