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On Tuesday 19 June 2007 06:16, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
as far as I am informed it's no longer suggested to put utilities etc.
into the default package since the whole package mechanism was not the
right idea.

One point to change would be zope.app.appsetup.addUtility which puts
the utilities into the default package. It should add the utilities
directly to the site manager.

What are the oppinions here?

I have suggested this before, but back then we decided to leave things as they were. Maybe the time has come to change that.

Having said that, this change would break a lot of code, including all opf my projects, since I do not use zope.app.appsetup.addUtility. Since we are not working with egg-based releases yet, BBB must be provided. Depending on how good the BB is, this could be an easy or very hard task.

Just to make it clear: I don't want to take addUtility away. I want to change the behaviour of addUtility.

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