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Is the regular and recommended way of translating zope3 ?


I'm not sure they're synchronizing frequently with the repository.

You bring a good point to my attention. Now that each package is its own project with a separate release cycle, we should split up the translations and maintain them for each package. Mostly '*' packages (with a few exceptions such as zope.formlib) will have translations.

Given that the extraction tool left source markers in the translation files, I think this task could be automated. Would be a fun project for somebody :)

I've already thought about it and I think the following steps should be performed:

1. Move all Python modules from to zope.i18nmessageid (or maybe to zope.i18n?). 2. Write a tool for splitting up translations. I think the tool will be useful not only for the case and it would be cool if the tool could extract, split and merge translations.
3. Split up the existing translations.
4. Remove altogether.

If nobody objects I can perform the steps above.

Open questions:

- What about Is there are way to create templates for all translated packages in the zope3 project?
- When the next release? :-)

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