Hi Benji,

The problem is deep in mechanize.
Updating mechanize+Clientform to the current versions (locally)
helped. Some patching in testbrowser is necessary.

Any advices for/against doing that on the trunk?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007, 2:50:49 PM, you wrote:

> Adam Groszer wrote:
>> (http://localhost:8080/ap_test/@@/dkr-help/index.html#Documents)
>> That works fine using a browser, but fails with the testbrowser:
>>   File 
>> "U:\zope\svn_zope33\src\zope\app\publisher\browser\directoryresource.py", 
>> line 68, in
>> publishTraverse
>>     return self.get(name)
>>   File 
>> "U:\zope\svn_zope33\src\zope\app\publisher\browser\directoryresource.py", 
>> line 88, in get
>>     raise NotFound(None, name)
>> NotFound: Object: None, name: u'index.html#Documents'
>> Apparently the anchor is to blame.
>> Anybody noticed that already?

> Testbrowser should remove the fragment identifier before sending the 
> request on to the publisher.  That's how "real" browsers behave. 
> Patches accepted <wink>.

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