Hello Philipp,

Yep, had the same idea just yesterday. But how to keep the trunk also
in a good-consistent shape (if it needs to be kept in a good shape)?

Sunday, July 15, 2007, 3:07:17 PM, you wrote:

> Adam Groszer wrote:
>> Did something at /repos/Zope3/branches/adamg-mechanize-update/,
>> the biggest problems seems to be now, that ClientForm won't work in a
>> subfolder.
>> Any objections against putting it back to /src?

> It won't really matter much, I think, because the trunk of the Zope3 
> tree will unlikely see another release.

> You really want to branch the zope.testbrowser trunk and work there. 
> Unfortunately, I've just seen that we don't pull in ClientForm and 
> mechanize as eggs. They're actually included in the zope.testbrowser 
> egg. That sucks. It'd be great if you could change that while you're at it.

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