Up until now we've been a bit sloppy when it came to egg dependencies. Not specifying a version number or range basically means that the code in question assumes it will work with any future version of its dependency. Admittedly, setuptools doesn't exactly make it easy to say "I depend on ZODB 3.8.x". Jim has proposed to add a syntax to setuptools to support this nicely but it's not there yet. So I guess we'll have to wait for that.

Things are a bit different with external dependencies (docutils, mechanize, ClientForm, twisted, etc.), I think. They bear a higher risk of breaking stuff for us in future releases, even if they're just minor releases, because we don't control them and their developers probably don't test their stuff with our code [1]. Back in the old days, we would do vendor imports or use revision tags for the externals. This was basically the equivalent of depending on a specific, well-known working version of the external package.

I propose to do the same for the external dependencies we have. So far I only count docutils as an actual egg dependency because mechanize, ClientForm and twisted are still packaged up in the egg that uses them (we should change that, too). I will therefore change zope.app.renderer to depend on docutils==0.4, unless there are objections.

[1] This problem has bitten us over at Grok because apparently Ubuntu has decided to deploy docutils 0.4.1 which doesn't seem to actually exist anywhere and therefore confuses zc.buildout. See https://bugs.launchpad.net/grok/+bug/126742.

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