if I remember correctly we don't have a conclusion on what "official"
Zope packages are.

I have a specific motivation and a (hopefully) specific question:

I am happy to take a part of a broader maintenance/development effort
from the "Zope Project" into my hands and contribute on a larger scale
than what my daily needs are. I do this because my mid-term/long-term
needs hopefully benefit from what I contribute now, especially in terms
of quality. 

My personal feeling is that zope.* is the large scale effort of shared
maintenance/development with the assurance of quality, etc. that has
been the monolithic release up until now. For me it signals that the
software deals with problems that are solved on a level that leverages
interest of more than one party and is maintened in a more solid way
than just by one or two people.

We started working on the dependencies of the new satellite packages
today and saw that there are packages in the zope.* namespace that
weren't part of the monolithic releases. We didn't touch those as we
couldn't completely figure out whether touching them was appreciated and
actually reasonable.

So the specific question: How do we want to manage packages in the
zope.* namespace and is the idea of the collaborative development and
maintenance perceived the same way by others?


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