Thanks to Hanno's suggestion, I've been able to create Windows eggs of any package that contains C extensions using MingW instead of Visual C. See [1] for the details. So far, I haven't found any facts on whether code compiled with MingW is "better" or "worse" than code compiled with Visual C. Perhaps MingW binaries are slower. I haven't tested that. If somebody has info on this, please share it with us.

We don't have Windows eggs for any of the newest releases that were made since I asked Jim to create 5 or so Windows eggs the last time. I think a MingW would be better than no egg (Windows people are eager to try Zope and Grok from eggs, too!), so I'd be willing to create Windows eggs of the missing packages, now that I have the setup to do so. Alternatively, both Adam and Jim are certainly most welcome to do it with their Visual C setup *wink*.

If people are ok with my MingW eggs, I would appreciate CheeseShop access to the packages in question:

* zope.hookable
* zope.i18nmessageid
* zope.interface
* zope.proxy


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