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Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 15 August 2007 08:01, Christian Theune wrote:
zope.traversing has a dependency to This
is because zope.traversing implements the "etc" namespace and has a hard
coded reference to "applicationcontrol" there.

In the same place it also looks up site managers  (in a hard coded way).

As a strategy to remove this dependency we should move the etc namespace
to some other place in I did not find reasonable candidates to
move this two. Bad candidates are or, A new package could
be created for the etc namespace too, but I'd like to avoid that.
I think that would be a good candidate, because "etc" is pretty much about accessing the local site. I know it was originally designed for allowing many different non-content things to be plugged in, but this has not materialized.

An alternative would be to get rid of ++etc++ and implement ++site++ and ++control++. Now that I think about it, I actually favor this. ;-)

Or change zope.traversing such that it looks up namespace-based stuff
via a named utility / adapter;  then packages which supply a namespace
are not dependencies at all.

It already does. Each namespace is its own (named) adapter. That's why Christian is suggesting to move the adapter that's responsible for ++etc++ out of zope.traversing.

I'm for It already has a few hard-coded places where it supports the applciation controller from, so I think it would make much sense there.

I don't think it doesn't make much sense in Yes, "++etc++site" may be about getting to the site manager of a site, but that's just the URL representation of ISite.getSiteManager(). is about ISite, is about how to map objects to URLs and back. That's why it should be in

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