Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

This is a surprise to me, having worked on zc.zope3recipes recently. All tests pass here (though I'm on MacOSX, haven't tested Linux yet):

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/dev/zc.zope3recipes$ bin/test -v
Running tests at level 1
Running unit tests:
  Ran 52 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 1 minutes 8.928 seconds.

Can you please elaborate on how the tests break for you?

I can confirm that these seem to run on my Linux box as well. I'm checking out Roger's windows work - thanks Roger, came at the right time for me. :)


  I totaly dislike it that we do not have
a trunk centric development because this will make sure that we can run tests over at least a minimal set of core components. I'm sure that we sometimes later will switch back to a trunk development.

This discussion doesn't really belong in a checkin comment :).

I really believe that development and distribution are two different things we mix together right now in our development process.

The "balkanization" of Zope 3 reflects the way we like to look at it nowadays: a set of libraries. Development and distribution aren't completely unrelated: they meet when you make a release. Being able to have individual release cycles for packages will give us lots of freedom. In fact it already has.

I also support the splitting up of Zope into separate projects and have experienced some of the benefits. That said, we'll be having a bumpy ride for a while yet as we continue to work out procedures to handle this new way of development.



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