Log message for revision 78476:
  - Implemented partial windows support
  - Added separate unit tests for windows
and make sure that the linux test don't run on a windows box because they generate different things and will generate even more different things in the future Note:
  I guess the *nix tests are totaly broken on a linux box.
  This happens because we can't handle test dependencies anymore with eggs.
  The changes in zc.buildout broke all the tests in this package
  and nobody was recognizing it.

This is a surprise to me, having worked on zc.zope3recipes recently. All tests pass here (though I'm on MacOSX, haven't tested Linux yet):

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/dev/zc.zope3recipes$ bin/test -v
Running tests at level 1
Running unit tests:
  Ran 52 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 1 minutes 8.928 seconds.

Can you please elaborate on how the tests break for you?

Also, what do you mean by "we can't handle test dependencies anymore with eggs"? We surely can handle dependencies (install_requires in setup.py). There's also a way to define optional dependencies (extra_requires), though we're of the opinion that testing dependencies should be declared real dependencies ("test what you fly and fly what you test")

  I totaly dislike it that we do not have
a trunk centric development because this will make sure that we can run tests over at least a minimal set of core components. I'm sure that we sometimes later will switch back to a trunk development.

This discussion doesn't really belong in a checkin comment :).

I really believe that development and distribution are two different things we mix together right now in our development process.

The "balkanization" of Zope 3 reflects the way we like to look at it nowadays: a set of libraries. Development and distribution aren't completely unrelated: they meet when you make a release. Being able to have individual release cycles for packages will give us lots of freedom. In fact it already has.

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