Hi there,

I noticed the following eggs need a newer binary release for windows:

zope.hookable. There's a 3.4.0 release and binary egg is still at 3.4.0a1

zope.i18nmessageid. There's a 3.4.0 release and binary egg is still at 3.4.0a1.

Then there's some ZODB confusion:

I also noticed that there is supposed to be a ZODB-3.8.0b4 at least, as zope.app.keyreference puts its requirement to this. Unfortunately there is no such release to download.zope.org/distribution. The latest release is ZODB3 3.8.0b2, and a newer ZODB3 3.9.0-dev-r77011. Because of zope.app.keyreference, a lot of people have likely been picking up the latter, which is probably not a good idea. What was the motivation for this 3.9 release? I hope its Data.fs still work with ZODB 3.8, as otherwise going back to this will be a problem for some people.

Could there a be a release of ZODB-3.8.0b4 as well as a windows egg of this?



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