Martijn Faassen wrote:
I noticed the following eggs need a newer binary release for windows:

zope.hookable. There's a 3.4.0 release and binary egg is still at 3.4.0a1

zope.i18nmessageid. There's a 3.4.0 release and binary egg is still at 3.4.0a1.

Thanks for noticing. I think we need to adopt a routine of building Windows eggs whenever we make a new release of a package that has C extensions. There aren't that many packages like that (about a dozen) and they hopefully aren't going to have that many releases in the future.

I've built Windows eggs for the two you mention now using the MinGW compiler (nobody has objected to it so far, and I figure cheap-but-perhaps-slow eggs are better than none). They're up on the CheeseShop.

MinGW, btw, is real easy to install and has helped me getting the eggified Zope 3 finally working on Windows when there were no binary eggs on the CheeseShop yet. See for some detailed installation instructions.

Then there's some ZODB confusion:

I also noticed that there is supposed to be a ZODB-3.8.0b4 at least, as puts its requirement to this.

You probably mean ZODB3-3.8.0b3. This is at least what 3.5.0b1 depends on. ZODB 3.8.0b3 is available on the CheeseShop, incl. a binary Windows egg:

Unfortunately there is no such release to The latest release is ZODB3 3.8.0b2, and a newer ZODB3 3.9.0-dev-r77011. Because of, a lot of people have likely been picking up the latter, which is probably not a good idea. What was the motivation for this 3.9 release? I hope its Data.fs still work with ZODB 3.8, as otherwise going back to this will be a problem for some people.

As far as I can remember, the ZODB3 line has never changed its data format in an incompatible way. It's usually Zope 2 which used to install objects that, when you went back in versions, became broken.

Regarding the changes in the ZODB 3.9 and, the story goes like this:

- Gary fixed a bug in the ZODB's confliction resolution code in r76953. Probably because this bugfix also introduced new features (multi-db conflicts, oid and database name inspection), this bugfix initially didn't make it to the ZODB 3.8 line, only the trunk. Gary therefore released a ZODB 3.9 dev release.

- In r77018, Gary changed to support the new conflict resolution features, therefore it then depended on the ZODB 3.9 dev release. This was released in a 3.5.0 dev release.

- Jim merged Gary's fixes to the ZODB 3.8 branch in r78263 and released a ZODB 3.8.0b3 subsequently. He then relaxed the ZODB dependency in to require 3.8.0b3 or greater in r78267. This was released as 3.5.0b1.

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