We have 100+ packages that make up what used to be distributed as "Zope3". We have numerous more packages in svn.zope.org. Most of them are developed, released and distributed individually. We like to think this is a good thing (I certainly do). But currently we have a bit of a chaos [2]. It's not bad, but I fear without some guidance, it'll get worse.

Christian Theune recently wrote a document [1] in which he outlined how we should get to a development process and what topics it should touch. This document is very hands-on and describes actions that should be taken to reach these goals. I've taken the liberty to jump ahead and write down some current practices:


What I've come up with is therefore not the development process that Christian is talking about, although it may certainly evolve into it (at this point, it doesn't cover all the topics Christian is talking about, for example). I consider it more of a "guide". That doesn't mean it can't be as official as a process.

I would like to get your comments on it. No matter what this evolves to, I wouldn't mind eventually seeing it set in stone with your blessings, so that the checkin police can use it as the highway code to issue tickets to anyone who's speeding on the repository lane.

P.S.: I'm addressing this to zope3-dev since neither Zope 2 nor the CMF are currently much affected by this, and these matters are much too hands-on for the foundation list.

[1] http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/foundation/2007-August/000396.html
[2] By chaos, I mean things like incoherent repository layout, missing decent package metadata, confusing release practices, missing release tags, etc.

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