On 8/24/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> He he, except that the ``zc`` namespace started using PEP 8. ;-) I am pretty
> sure the vast majority of code in the repos is classic Zope 3. ``zope``,
> ``z3c`` (for most parts), and ``lovely`` all follow Zope 3.

Even worse, the ``zc`` namespace has multiple-personality disorder
("MPD"; ``zope.formlib`` exhibits this as well); there is no single
style use throughout.  I attribute this to fact that the style
question even came up after the Zope 3 style guide was written.

There are some people who thought there was an agreement that PEP 8
would be used in the ``zc`` package, but it wasn't communicated to
everyone at ZC, and was never consistently applied.  The resulting MPD
has only feed the confusion.  :-(


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