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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
We have 100+ packages that make up what used to be distributed as
"Zope3". We have numerous more packages in Most of them
are developed, released and distributed individually. We like to think this is a good thing (I certainly do). But currently we have a bit of a chaos [2]. It's not bad, but I fear without some guidance, it'll get worse.

Christian Theune recently wrote a document [1] in which he outlined how we should get to a development process and what topics it should touch.
  This document is very hands-on and describes actions that should be
taken to reach these goals. I've taken the liberty to jump ahead and
write down some current practices:*checkout*/Sandbox/philikon/foundation/ maintaining-software.txt

Thanks for drafting this document. A couple of comments (mostly niggles).

 - At then end of the last summary bullet under "Repository layout",
   you say, "Release tags shouldn't be committed to."  I would say
   that is true *after* the release is announced.  Sometimes it may
   be more convenient to modify the tagged code during the process of
   making the release (see below).

 - The changelog should include dates for each release, formatted
   consistently (ISO short form is likely best, as it is unambiguous).

Two very good points. I fixed those in the document.

- Under "Releasing Software", you specify what is to me a controversial
   rule:  "Increase the version number (in ```` and elsewhere)
   on the trunk or the release branch to the *next* release."  While I
realize that many projects are doing this, I don't like it: I prefer that the trunk changelog contain an "unreleased" section for features
   / changes not tracked on the current release branch.

The point about the changelog is good. Whoever is making the release should create a new section (marked "unreleased") in the changelog so that committers won't add their entries in an already released version's section. I've added that to the document as well (incl. an example).

In particular, I don't want to make it easy for somebody with a trunk
   or branch checkout to create a pseudo-release egg.  In this case,
   "speed kills", because sloppy release making punishes everybody

I would therefore advocate keeping the 'version' tag on the trunk to
   something containing 'trunk' or 'unreleased'.  Release branches
   should contain 'branch' in their version, except immediately before
   copying to a release tag.  As an alternative (see above), copy the
   release tag and then change the version there.

This is not a bad suggestion. As I was explaining in my original email, I was mostly capturing our best practices so far. That doesn't mean the guide can't shape things for the better, but we should reach a consensus first. At least the guide is spurring awareness and discussion of these practices, which was part of the idea.

I would suggest a mixture of our current practices and your suggestion: A release branch or the trunk's version statement in should contain both the version of the next anticipated release. As a marker for the fact that we're dealing with a development version, I suggest using the 'dev' marker that seems to be quite common around.

So, on a branch or the trunk, should look like this:


whereas on a release tag, it should always look like this:


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