Tres Seaver wrote:
Benji York wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
I like distribution as a place to put packages that aren't ready for PyPI. Unfortunately, we've put a lot of packages in PyPI that aren't ready IMO.
I suggest we put them in PyPI earlier and use "Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha". Of course, we don't want to spam PyPI with /too/ many uncooked packages.

- -1.  I'd rather not see *any* precooked packages in PyPI at all.  People
who want to share bleeding-edge packages among themselves can use some
other mechanism (SVN + ' develop', for preference).

Fully agreed. After all, simply checking stuff out from SVN in order to get bleeding edge was what we used to do all the time before we were using eggs. Using a development egg is much better than having to release a bunch of -dev-rXXX eggs regularly that may even be bogus (because they're bleeding edge) and then just clobber up


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