On 14.09.2007, at 08:49, Fred Drake wrote:

On 9/14/07, Christian Zagrodnick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Before I'll revert the layer-support will be there in a third party
package, probably using ++api++.

Better to be specific than general when it's for a specific type of
request; why not ++xmlrpc++?

Unless ++api++ is for more than XML-RPC support; perhaps it should be
for IHTTPRequest?

I'd actually rather avoid a proliferation of ++namespace++ usages
myself, and prefer ++api++ for IHTTPRequest.

So you're suggesting using ++api++ to choose the request type for all IHTTPRequests. That's fine for me. I just wonder why I should remove the "skin" support for XML-RPC since that is just choosing the request type...

/me is confused.

Christian Zagrodnick

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