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Ok, then I suggest:

* Provide an IRequestType interface in zope.publisher
* Provide an ++api++ traverser in zope.traversing which does
`getUtility(IRequestType, *name*)`.
* define class IBrowserSkinType(IRequestType)
* Leave ++skin++ for IBrowserSkinType or just make it the
same as ++api++
* Keep layer="" on <xmlrpc:view>, <browser:page> etc.


If I understand the concept correct. This is a builtin backdoor.

Doesn't this allow to bypass the Apache rewrite rule?
With: http://www.foobar.com/++api++xmlrpc/doSomething

If the rewrite rule in Apache is:
RewriteRule (/?.*)

I suppose you're right. Even though I wonder if you couldn't also say


to get another Browser-Skin. But you're right, that you must never get a XML-RPC method with an BrowserRequest.

Or does the ++api++ namespace recognize the skin?
Which means the url rewritten url is.
With: http://www.foobar.com/++skin++OnlyHere/++api++xmlrpc/doSomething

But then, do we need to regsiter the ++api++ for each
layer? I guess this is not what you are asking for. right?

No, it's quite the same as with skins, i.e. You can concider one Layer as a Skin or aggregate multiple Layers into one skin.

My main issue on this thread is allways the same:
Skins are a security layer. And don't bypass them,
then this let us use views which we don't like to
provide in a layer/skin.

Right. But it's not *really* about security. For a browser you usually define how a web page looks like and thereby of course define what's possible and what not. For XML-RPC you define the API. But ultimately this is not security. Security is achieved by the security proxy. You must take care that an unprivileged user cannot access a method which he should is allowed to. And you do that via the security engine.

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