Jim Fulton wrote:
I'm not too keen on trying to automate this with a Python script. I suggest we start with a human script. I think Philipp has a start at this. Philipp, could you remind us where this is? I suggest we review it and then post it prominately somewhere that people (I) can easily find it. I, for one, promise to read it every time I make a release until I've memorized it.

I definitely think we should work out a human procedure *first*.

But some tools to assist the human in doing repetitive, failure-prone work (releasing versions of many eggs) would definitely be appreciated by me.

Perhaps these could be made lint-like initially. I.e. you run them and the tool reports possible problems (no tag created, version number in CHANGES.txt appears wrong, setup.py misses information we want in there, etc). Once that's in place, we could introduce features that actually perform actions.



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