Am Freitag, den 28.09.2007, 10:06 -0400 schrieb Benji York:
> zc.testbrowser 1.0a1
> --------------------
> I am very pleased to announce the first alpha release of
> zc.testbrowser:
> zc.testbrowser is a refactoring of zope.testbrowser to remove the
> Zope-specific bits plus the addition of the zc.testbrowser.real
> module.

w00t! I'm so happy that your plans worked out as you were trying this
for quite some time already. 

Congratulations and thanks to everyone on that!


Annotation to the bikeshed:

If we want to avoid having to rewrite tests for real or "unreal" test
browsers, I would avoid having to call two separate browser factories
but let something like the test layer handle which one is used, that way
you could easily switch. Making it an option to the test runner might
work too.

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