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do you see a chance to use zc.testbrowser on remote (headless) machines in combination with buildbot?


On 28.09.2007, at 16:06, Benji York wrote:

zc.testbrowser 1.0a1

I am very pleased to announce the first alpha release of
zc.testbrowser: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zc.testbrowser

zc.testbrowser is a refactoring of zope.testbrowser to remove the
Zope-specific bits plus the addition of the zc.testbrowser.real

Testbrowser Real

zc.testbrowser.real lets you use the testbrowser API to drive
a real web browser; at the moment Firefox (but we may add support for
others in the future).  This lets you do testing of JavaScript heavy
web applications with testbrowser (and doctests, of course).  I
envision people often beginning tests using the "regular" testbrowser,
realizing the test/documentation they want to write needs JS, and then
switching their test to use "real" and not having to change the
already written parts of the doctest.

Screen Shots

One other feature of zc.testbrowser.real is the ability to save the
current web page to a PNG file.  This should be very useful for
creating user manuals with embedded screen shots.


Many, many thanks to my partners in crime at the Foliage Sprint:
Stephan Richter, Rocky Burt, and Justas Sadzevičius.

Bikeshedding Request
Even though I coined it, I don't really like the name "real".  I'd
like suggestions that are short, pithy, and descriptive if anyone has
any.  Along the same lines, any suggestions for a new name for
zc.testbrowser.browser (the classic testbrowser) would be appreciated
as well.

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